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Penguin SEO Audits- Problems & Solutions!

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When you’re a webmaster, driving traffic from the search engines is rather important to thrive with the online business but how it couldn’t be done unless your website is accessible to more online customers as possible. There are multiple sites which rely on the referrals on search engines due to the reason Google is the King of Search Engines.

But, for last few years, Google is not in mood to bear anything unethical as the excessive SEO optimization has corrupted the reliability of Google. This is just because `of the few webmasters, with a mission to get heavy traffic implemented unscrupulous activities. In order to detain such people who are disavowing the Google’s guideline, Google has timely introduced various algorithms where Penguin 2.0 is one of the cruelest one.

Penguin SEO Audits
Penguin SEO Audits

In the April 2012 Google introduced Panda 1.0 and then updated it with Penguin 2.0 in May 22. Penguin is focused on penalizing those websites which use black/gray hat techniques and rewarding sites that are endowing a great visitor experience. If you have done the dubious activities such as buying mass links, spamming low quality directory sites with your links or paying hundred of dollars to fetch excessive comments on your blog posts to gain the fake popularity.

What do we see in the analysis?

As Panda 2.1 got rolled in, sites which were penalized found with certain issues that had the problems like-

•    They have 0% exact match Anchor Text for their money keywords

•    The quality of the site ranking on page 1 was too poor as compared to the site ranking on flipsided pages.

•    Content which surrounds the money making keyword used to be only 10 to 15% relative that promotes the spamming.

All and all, Penguin 2.0 drilled deeper into the websites to look for spam and analyzed the internal pages of the sites as opposed to index pages. So manipulative link building to the internal pages now won’t be able to escape from Google’s ever-seeing eyes. Sites those were affected by the update would have multiple results from the same site dominated the first page and this was what caught aggressively and penalized.

What type of work would be the real savior?

Now the question is what can save webmasters from such hits? In the shallow way we can make bit changes to maintain the quality of the SEO work. We need to ensure that the links are quality based, natural, relevant, must develop the quality content, ethical link building and avoid the sketchy techniques. You should also Disavow or Remove the Offending Links. As link matters a lot for the algorithm to exceed the value of your site, you must focus on it aggressively with a positive approach. Also, check out the on-page spam violations (cloaking, hidden text, hidden links, etc.